Choosing your interior designer

Choosing your interior designer


To hire the services of a recognized interior designer is a guarantee of greater success, better profitability for your project and value added to your environment.

The choice of an interior designer is based on taste and affinities, as for anything else. Therefore this means to visit the candidates’ websites, take time to look at their portfolios, meet them and talk. When you have made the right choice, another adventure begins


Define your objectives

1. Define your needs, put your ideas on paper, most important your budget;

2. Find inspiration images from magazines, books, web sites;

Find your professional

3. Look at APDIQ members’ directory and/ or ask family and friends for referrals;

4. Take your time, do not jump at the first opportunity, it is an important project and investment;

5. Carefully look at the portfolios of those that interest you;

6. Check that they have already worked on the projects that are same scale as yours;

7. Assure yourself that it is well accredited designer, it will help you verify their education, their experience etc.;

8. Once you clarify your ideas, contact those you liked and meet them in person, nothing  beats direct contact;

9. Request references from the previous clients;

10. You are almost certain of your choice? One last and most important thing… You must feel that you can trust the designer; he/she will be your guide and your referral throughout the whole adventure.



  • The decorator or stylist
  • The architect
  • The mechanical engineer
  • The structural engineer
  • The electrical engineer
  • The technologist