Membership fees table

2019 Membership fees

Catégorie de membreCotisation APDIQTPS (5%)TVQ (9.975%)Total
Provisoire 175,00$3,75$7,48$86,23$
Provisoire 2125,00$6,25$12,47$143,72$
Provisoire 3175,00$8,75$17,46$201,21$
Provisoire 4300,00$15,00$29,93$344,93$
Inactif certifié100,00$5,00$9,97$114,97$
Inactif provisoire75,00$3,75$7,48$86,23$
Étudiant / HonoraireGRATUIT

À propos des cotisations

The candidate accepted according to the criteria in force at the time of admission shall be granted provisional membership.

Provisional Member 1: refers to the year following graduation, or the number of years of experience

Candidates who have completed their DEC or BACC in interior design and have continued their studies without practicing design will be accepted as provisional members 1. Studies following graduation in interior design may not exceed 3 years.

If for any of the following reasons, a member wishes to suspend his membership in the APDIQ, he will have to pay an annual administrative fee to keep his file active, in order not to lose his status. This suspension is valid for a maximum of three (3) years, after which the member must be reinstated as an active member.


1. Current job is not in interior design;
2. Return to school;
3. Stay abroad for a fixed period of time;
4. Other – demonstration made to the Board for approval;


– Certified members who do not hold the NCIDQ exam;
– Provisional members wishing to suspend their membership.

The inactive member pays an administrative fee. His or her membership status remains the same until he or she actively returns to the profession. The inactive member has access to all APDIQ services and receives his certificate at the end of his leave.

The practice interruption corresponds to three specific situations:

– Maternity leave
– Sick leave
– Unemployment

When the member returns to work and resumes practice, he or she must notify the APDIQ by e-mail ( in order to change his or her status. Therefore, his contribution will be recalculated on a pro rata basis for the remaining months of the year.