Passing the torch – Student Business Program by Montréal Relève

APDIQ encourages you and your business to introduce  the Interior Designer trade to young high school students, at a turn point hour of their lives ! 

This summer, you could welcome a young pupil, in your work environment for a short discovery internship. Thanks to the Student Business Program, more than 1300 young people are going to create a bond with a mentor, inspiring them for their future career.

The Student Business Program aims at two main objectives:

  • Help the young people to better define their interests and thus to better orient themselves after High school.
  • Encourage companies to promote their professional field, and thus, to encourage a continuity for the profession.

The formula is the following one:

  • You are involved as a mentor for the duration of the internship (approx. 1 week);
  • Young people from 14 to 17 years old from secondary 3 or 4 share your work environment during the intership;
  • The internship may take place during 1 out of 9 available weeks during summer (you decide the date best suited);
  • Duration of approximately 35 hours (4 to 5 days).

It’s now your turn to encourage our interior designers of tomorrow ! Make a difference in a student’s life.
Join 1000 Montreal organizations involved since 2001. 

Montreal Relève is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal Métropolitain and the City of Montreal. Student Business was established in 2001.

Interested by the experience ? Contact :
Marie Letard
Counselor, Partnerships
514 270-3300, option 4, ext. 5