The Committees

The Committees

The association has 7 committees according to its By- Laws. Each Board member is responsible or participates in one of the committee. These committees are put in place to help the association progress and support the staff with the development of the association. The President and the Executive Director sit on all the committees.

Executive Committee

Consulting with the Executive Director the Executive Committee shall attend to the management of the day-to-day business of the Association, in accordance with the objectives set by the Board and within the foreseen budgetary limits.

Nomination Committee

This Committee nominates a member to fill each position on the Board which becomes vacant at the next Annual General Meeting. The members of this committee cannot be candidates for these vacancies.

Admission Committee

The committee meets at least four (4) times per year, in March, June, September and December, to assess all applications for membership or registration transmitted to the committee by the Secretary of the Association. The committee will submit a report within thirty (30) days indicating those recommended for membership by category.Those applications held in abeyance and the reason thereof, and rejected applications and also the reason thereof.

The committee is also in charge of the revision of admission criteria along with the Legal Affairs Committee.

Promotion & Members’ Services

Promotion is defined, for the purposes of the committee, in the usual sense of the term, that is to say, in the sense of advertising, public relations, recruitment and other activities of this nature.

Public relations involve the image of the profession, continuing improvement of its legal and social status, social actions such as taking a position in defence of a cause, etc.

Legal Affairs Committee

Issues under the committee’s purview are to follow developments on ethics in other professions, to improve and promote among the members the code of ethics and professional conduct, to explore possibilities the Association may have to institute a trustee and to consider any other matter that may arise concerning professional ethics.

Professional Inspection Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee is charged with the responsibility of examining any written complaint against a member of the Association, giving its opinion on all questions of ethics in collaboration with the Professional Inspection Committee and giving its opinion on any legal question.

Continuing Education & Research Committee

Promoting the professional skills of members and maintaining them.  Encouraging the development of teaching and research as other ways to promote the advancement of the profession.

Emerging Professionals Committee

The Emerging Professionals Committee’s mission is to organise networking activities meant for provisory members (0-3 years), graduating student members and design professionals, as well as to organise information sessions in order to provide its members with useful knowledge to facilitate integration of young members into the workplace. This committee is also the voice of the emerging professionals for the APDIQ.


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Work in progress

The various committees are presently at work, help the permanent team with:

  1. Recognition of the profession – Legislation
  2. Developing the course offer for the Continuing Education program with IDC;
  3. Development of the APDIQ Chapter in Quebec City;
  4. Promotion of the profession and recruiting;
  5. NCIDQ exam and set-up of practice sessions;
  6. Revision of APDIQ’s By-Laws;
  7. Revision of APDIQ’s policies;
  8. Communication policy;
  9. Members’ guide translation and revision;

Work Groups

In addition to committees, workgroups are put into place to help on more specific topics, here is our list:

  • Architects Bill projects / Recognition of our profession
  • NCIDQ Exam and Study Session