The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of members of the association. Twelve (12) members sit on the Board, five (5) of which hold the following postions: the president, the past-president, the vice-president, the secretary and the treasurer.

A representative of IDC attends the Board meetings by invitation.

Other than the monthly meetings, each Director is responsible or participates actively in a committee. These committees are put in place to help the association progress and to support the staff in developing tools and services for its members.

Become a Director

You wish to get involved with the association as a member of the board? Each year, seats become vacant and the Board of Directors must fill in those seat quickly. Contact us!

Last row: Marco Brissette, Christine Reux, Yacine Yalaoui
Third row: Maxime Partouche, Véronique Chayer
Second row: Christiane Benoit, Frédéric Morin, Karyne Beauregard (vice-présidente)
First row: Mélodie Violet, David Lajeunesse-Robert (président), Josée Séguin, Julie Laforêt


The association also has representatives who come to report on their activities to the board of directors. These representatives are nominates by the Board of Directors for a two years mandate.

  1. Représentant pour le Québec sur le conseil d’administration des Designers d’intérieur du Canada (IDC);
  2. Représentant pour l’APDIQ au sein du CIDQ (le Conseil de qualification en Design d’intérieur, examen NCIDQ)

In addition to the monthly board of directors meetings, each administrator is responsible or participates in a committee. These committees are set up to move forward the files and support the permanence team in the development of the association.