French Language NCIDQ Exam

Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), the Association Professionelle des designers d’intérieur du Quebec (APDIQ) and the Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ), are pleased to announce the creation of a jointly funded French language NCIDQ Examination. All three sections of the exam have been translated to ensure that anyone in Canada will have the opportunity to write the exam in either of the country’s two official languages. The French language exam is to be delivered for the first time this fall and access is now available to the NCIDQ exam website in French for information on the exam and registration process.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with CIDQ and APDIQ on this project,” said Denis Chouinard, President of IDC. “We will continue to work together to help the next generation of interior designers become qualified.”

The NCIDQ Certification is the highest symbol of professionalism and prestige for interior designers in North America. The certification demonstrates your competence and unique qualifications through a combination of education, experience and examination to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. THE NCIDQ Exam is administered in three sections twice annually and can be taken concurrently or in stages.

“Becoming an NCIDQ certified interior designer is an important designation that identifies professionals who are qualified with the neccesary knowledge and skills,” said Johanne Denis, President of APDIQ. “Our provisional members sincerely appreciate the translation.”

Successful completion of the NCIDQ Examination is required for full-status membership by all of IDC’s nine provincial interior design associations.

“CIDQ, APDIQ and IDC share a commitment to incorporate more French language content to ensure we are inclusive of Canada’s population,” said Carol Williams- Nickelson, Executive Director of CIDQ.

IDC is currently working on study sessions in French to help candidates prepare for the exam.

For more information on the NCIDQ Exam, please visit: the website in French or in English.