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Le Bureau du design lance un appel de candidatures auprès des jeunes professionnels et étudiants en design pour les Prix Shenzhen de la relève en design. Sous le thème Le design comme moteur de relance des économies locales, l'objectif des Prix est de récompenser les efforts des designers de la relève.

Des bourses totalisant 165 000 $ US seront attribuées par la ville de Shenzhen et réparties parmi un maximum de 18 récipiendaires. Pour plus d'information


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  • Tue 25 Nov 2014
    IDC Seminar: National Building Code, Means of Evac... This seminar is offered in French. Does the management plan of rooms with open space respect the building code requirements? To answer this question, you must understand the basic regulations and develop tools that will help you verify your documents using process analysis. Objectives of this seminar: Understand the objectives of the building code regulations; Understand the distinction between Section 3 and Section 9 of the Code; Become more familiar with articles in section 3 and 9 of the Code concerning the means of evacuation; Understand the requirements of applicable solutions in division B concerning the means of evacuation in buildings, as mentioned and described in Section 3 and 9; Determine the egress, escape routes and exists, the number of doors required for each of the different rooms within a clear floor space; And, become more familiar with process analysis.   Presenter:Valérie Lorrain,M.Arch. Valérie Lorrain has completed a B.A. and a Master’s in Architecture from the prestigious École d'architecture at the Université de Montréal. Valérie is project manager for the firm Technorm inc., since 2010. She has worked and collaborated on numerous new and existing building construction and renovation projects. She is respected for her expertise concerning new construction projects and her ability to manage and coordinate multiple stakeholders. Valérie is also recognized as a leading author of industry technical documents and for her analytical reports on architecture and construction. CEU: 3 IDCEC-HWS Registration: Contact: Gustavo Espinola -  Read more

What is the designer's role?


To turn to the services of a recognized professional guarantees a greater success and a better profitability. Trends, materials, suppliers, planning, and management: the designer serves as a guide throughout the design project. 

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Why work with a certified designer?

We do not become a doctor, a teacher or a journalist because we want to, no more than we improvise being an interior designer. Like other professions, an interior designer must have trained to become an expert in his business sector. 

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10 recommandations when choosing an interior designer

1. Your needs, your wishlist, and especially, your budget;
2. Make lists, put your ideas on paper, speak to your friends, and ask for advice from your acquaintances; 

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