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Le Bureau du design lance un appel de candidatures auprès des jeunes professionnels et étudiants en design pour les Prix Shenzhen de la relève en design. Sous le thème Le design comme moteur de relance des économies locales, l'objectif des Prix est de récompenser les efforts des designers de la relève.

Des bourses totalisant 165 000 $ US seront attribuées par la ville de Shenzhen et réparties parmi un maximum de 18 récipiendaires. Pour plus d'information


Prochains événements

  • Wed 29 Oct 2014
    IDCEC Webinar This webinar (in french only), will explain:  1. What does each of the organisations do (APDIQ, DIC, IDCEC); 2. How the continuing education credit system works; 3. How to log in your credits on the IDCEC website; 4. The continuing education cycle, the rules and how they apply. Another webinar, in english this time, will be planned for the month of November.  24 participants can register for the webinar, and we invite people of the same office to share the session.The recording of the webinar will be available online on the member space of APDIQ shortly after. Registration:  Read more
  • Thu 27 Nov 2014
    NCIDQ information session Provisional members are invited to an information session where we will explain the procedures to follow to register, practice the exam, log your work experience and do the exam.   The president of CIDQ, Victoria Horobin, will be in Montreal for the event, as well as certified members responsible for the practice sessions.  The information session will take place at the APDIQ office. Members that are outside of Montreal will be able to attend via the web. Registration:  Read more

What is the designer's role?


To turn to the services of a recognized professional guarantees a greater success and a better profitability. Trends, materials, suppliers, planning, and management: the designer serves as a guide throughout the design project. 

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Why work with a certified designer?

We do not become a doctor, a teacher or a journalist because we want to, no more than we improvise being an interior designer. Like other professions, an interior designer must have trained to become an expert in his business sector. 

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10 recommandations when choosing an interior designer

1. Your needs, your wishlist, and especially, your budget;
2. Make lists, put your ideas on paper, speak to your friends, and ask for advice from your acquaintances; 

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